March 1996 Started as a wholesaler for agoya, Mussel shellbutton
  by Marc Y. Chung
January 1997 Started small factory for the sample production of
  M.O.P, Trocas and Agoya button installing
  machineries of Korea, Japan, German and Italy
December 1998 New technique development for Shell button Dying
January 1999 New technique development for Dye-able shell button
  covering polyester onto shell button for different
  surface effects such as shinny, Matt/Dull, Metallic,
Rubberize(Gum) and Pearl.
March 1999 Setting two oversea factories in Dongnai, Vietnam
  to make Agoya, Rivershell, Trocass, M.O.P, Horn and
  Coconut. The production capacity is 15,000,000
  pieces per month.
March 2000 Invention of new machine for Various shaped button
  such as Square, Heart, Oval and so on (Daily 50,000
  pieces production.)
February 2001 New technique development of color encapsulation
  for two-tone colored Dye-able buttons using laser
engraving machine which is the most up-dated