Commentary from Director

We are not the biggest shell button factory and have short history
compared with other companies in my and other countries.
But we are working to get over the limit of shell buttons developing
the up-to-dated techniques.
Our goal is to become the one of the best and biggest shell button
manfacturer in future as the world famous factories.
In deed, when we were founded on 1996, we did not know how to
make shell buttons and had made many mistakes and lost more
or less US$500,000. -during last 6 years.
But we also have achievedmany know-hows.
Now we know how to make highest qualified shell button with the
lowest price, and developed the new techniques of a shell button
dying and a polyester-coating for your second dye in your
facilities. We will continue to develop new techniques as best as
we can.
Enjoy the world lowest price & best quality for natural and dye-able
buttons from my company.
Best regards,
Marc Y. Chung (Moon-Yong CHUNG)